ECLN Conference Athens 2001

Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the IGC in 2004

All contributions have been published by NOMOS Verlag,
Baden-Baden, Germany.
ISBN 3-7890-7772-0

Here you may find all the contributions as they appear in the book.

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Author: "Title", in: Dimitris Melissas/Ingolf Pernice (eds.):
Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the Intergovernmental Conference in 2004 (Nomos 2002)



Part One

Dimitris Tsatsos
The Treaty of Nice, a failure which can only be remedied by means of an effective and properly implemented post-Nice process

Vilenas Vadapalas
Delimitation of competencies between the European Union and the Member States: a look from a candidate country

Argyris G. Passas and Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoulos
The Treaty of Nice, the presumed end of incrementalism and the future of the European Union  

Jacqueline Dutheil de la Rochère
The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Stefan Griller
Primacy of Community Law: A Hidden Agenda of the Charter of Fundamental Rights 

George Papadimitiou
The Charter of Fundamental Rights. A landmark in the institutional maturity of the European Union 

Part Two

Jiri Zemanek
Anticipating the Role of Czech Parliament as a Decision-maker in EU-affairs 

Ingolf Pernice
The Role of the National Parliaments in the European Union

Francesco Maiani
The Role of National Parliaments in EU Legislative Procedures – Reform Perspectives 

Part Three

Mads Andenas
Can Europe have a Constitution? Or how can the obstacles to a European Constitution be overcome in the different legal traditions? 


Antonio López Pina
Nice – or a reflection upon the difficulties to progress in the European integration under the present iron law of oligarchy

Dimitris Melissas
The Fischer Proposals for a European Constitution in view of the 2004 Intergovernmental Conference 



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