ECLN Conference Berlin 2005

The Future Of The European Judicial System in a Comparative Perspektive


All contributions have been published by NOMOS Verlag,
Baden-Baden, Germany.
ISBN 3-8329-2157-5

Here you may find all the contributions as they appear in the book.

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Author: "Title", in: Ingolf Pernice/Juliane Kokott/Cheryl Saunders (eds.):
The Future of the European Judicial System in a Comparative Perspective
(Nomos 2006)


Ingolf Pernice

Brigitte Zypries

Vassilios Skouris
Self-Conception, Challenges and Perspectives of the EU Courts

Michel Rosenfeld
Comparing Constitutional Review by the European Court of Justice and
the U.S. Supreme Court

Peter Häberle
Role and Impact of Constitutional Courts in a Comparative Perspective

Lord Daniel Brennan
The Future of the European Court of Justice – A British Perspective

Bo Vesterdorf
A Constitutional Court for the EU?

George A. Bermann
The “Highest Court” in Federal Systems

Arthur Chaskalson
Constitutional Courts and Supreme Courts – a comparative analysis
with particular reference to the South African experience

Pedro Cruz Villalón
Conflict between Tribunal Constitucional and Tribunal Supremo –
A National Experience

Joseph H.H. Weiler
The Essential (and would-be Essential) Jurisprudence of the
European Court of Justice: Lights and Shadows too

Günter Hirsch
Choice of Models – Quo vadis ECJ?

Jean-Victor Louis
The Court in the Constitution: how federal?

Frank Hoffmeister
The Constitutional Functions of the European Court of Justice

Beverley McLachlin
The Structure and Role of a Supreme Court in a Federal System –
The Canadian Experience

Allan R. Brewer-Carías
The Question of Legitimacy: How to Choose the Judges of the Supreme Court

Christian Tomuschat
National Representation of Judges and Legitimacy of International
Jurisdictions: Lessons from ICJ to ECJ?

Norman Dorsen
The selection of U.S. Supreme Court justices

Ana Martins
Size and Composition of Highest Courts - Selection of Judges

Koen Lenaerts
The Unity of European Law and the Overload of the ECJ –
The System of Preliminary Rulings Revisited

Josef Azizi
Opportunities and Limits for the Transfer of Preliminary Reference
Proceedings to the Court of First Instance

Jiri Zemanek
The Constitutional Courts in the New Member States and the
Uniform Application of European Law

Carl Baudenbacher
Concentration of Preliminary References at the ECJ or Transfer to the High
Court/CFI: Some Remarks on Competition Law

Stephan Wernicke
How to Guarantee Unity while Representing diversity? From the Selection
of Judges to the possible Transfer of Preliminary References to the CFI

Dieter Grimm
Constitutional Issues in Substantive Law –
Limits of Constitutional Jurisdiction

José María Beneyto
Case-Load of the Spanish Constitutional Court and Concentration on
the Essentials

Francis G. Jacobs
The European Convention on Human Rights, the EU Charter of
Fundamental Rights and the European Court of Justice

Egbert Myjer
Can the EU join the ECHR – General Conditions and Practical Arrangements

Heinz Aemisegger
The Federal Judge vis-à-vis the Jurisdiction of the ECHR

Franz C. Mayer
Of Constitutional Essentials, a Complex Relationship,
and Judges and Journalists


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