ECLN Conference Madrid 2003

The Government of Europe - Which Institutional Design for the EU?

All contributions have been published by NOMOS Verlag,
Baden-Baden, Germany.
ISBN 3-8329-0537-0

Here you may find all the contributions as they appear in the book.

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Author: "Title", in: Ingolf Pernice/José Maria Beneyto Pérez (eds.):
The Government of Europe - Institutional Design for the European Union (Nomos 2003)



Kirsty Hughes
The Battle for Power in Europe - Will the Convention Get it Right?

Ingolf Pernice
Democratic Leadership in Europe: The European Council and the President of the Union

Paul Craig
Some Thoughts on the Role of the European Council

Antonio López Pina
The Government of Europe - Institutional design for the European Union

José María Beneyto Pérez
Thesen zur Diskussion der Abgrenzung der Kompetenzen zwischen der EU und den Mitgliedsstaaten

Vilenas Vadapalas and Saulius Lukas Kaleda
Institutional Debate and the Accession Treaty: Strengthening the Powers of the Commission?

Francesco Maiani
Addressees, Counsellors, Legislators: What Role for Regional and Local Authorities in the Union's Decision-Making procedures?

Jiri Zemanek
Improving the Union's Democratic Legitimacy: The European Parliament and National Parliaments

George A. Bermann
The Constitutional Convention and EU Institutional Reform




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