ECLN Conference Prague 2004

A Constitution for Europe: The IGC, the Ratification Process and Beyond

All contributions have been published by NOMOS Verlag,
Baden-Baden, Germany.
ISBN 3-8329-1411-0

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Author: "Title", in: Ingolf Pernice/Jirí Zemánek (eds.):
A Constitution for Europe: The IGC, the Ratification Process and Beyond
(Nomos 2005)


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Rainer Arnold, Professor of Law, Jean Monnet Professor for European Law, University of Regensburg
The European Constitution And The Transformation Of National Constitutional Law

Stanislaw Biernat, Professor of Law, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Chair of European Law
Ratification Of The Constitutional Treaty And Procedures For The Case Of Veto

Bruno de Witte, Professor of European Union Law, European University Institute, Florence,
Department of Law, Robert Schuman Centre
European Treaty Revision: A Case Of Multilevel Constitutionalism

Stefan Griller, Professor of Law, Forschungsinstitut für Europafragen, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
The Impact Of The Constitution For Europe On National Sovereignty

Zdenek Kühn, Ph.D. (Charles University, 2001); LL.M. (Michigan, 2002).
Assistant Professor, Charles University Law School, Prague
Making A European Transnational Constitution: Some Central European Perspectives

Jean-Victor Louis, Hon. Professor, Free University of Brussels, associate member, Institute of European Studies (ULB)
Union Membership: Accession, Suspension Of Membership Rights And Unilateral Withdrawal. Some Reflections

Ana Martins, Professor of Public Law, especially European Union Law,
International Law and Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law – University of Lisbon
Amendment Of The Constitution - Procedural And Political Questions

Ingolf Pernice, Prof. Dr. jur., Lehrstuhl für öffentliches Recht, Völker- und Europarecht der Humbodt-Universität zu Berlin
A Constitution for Europe – amendments and legal make-up to the Convention’s draft

András Sajó, University Professor at Central European University, Legal Studies Department, Budapest
Eu Networks Under The New Constitution: Impact On Domestic Constitutional Structures

Jo Shaw, Senior Research Fellow at the Federal Trust for Education and Research, London
and Salvesen Professor of European Institutions, University of Edinburgh
What Happens If The Constitutional Treaty Is Not Ratified?

Lubos Tichy, Professor of European law, Head of the Department of the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law
Fundamental Rights And Fundamental Freedoms: Short Remarks

Dimitris Tsatsos, Professor Dr. Dr. h.c., Centre of European Constitutional Law Athens, former Member of European Parliament.
Constitutional Developments After The Entry Into Force Of The Constitution For Europe

Anna Vergés Bausili, Research Officer at The Federal Trust for Education and Research, London
Beyond The Early Warning System: The Reform Of Eu Governance And National Parliaments

Stephan Wernicke, Dr. iur., European Court of Justice, Luxembourg
"In The Name Of The Union Citizens!" - Art I-1 Of The Constitution And The European Court Of Justice

Dr. Jirí Zemánek, Jean Monnet Professor of European Law at the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law
Consent of Parliament or Peoples’ Referendum?




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